Product Range

Product Range


Kohinoor M.R. Grade Plywood is a quality plywood made from a superior quality wood.  Kohinoor M.R. Grade Plywood with a smooth finish is a result of uniform thickness high core and surface veneer and gluing of all core layers with high quality melamine urea formaldehyde synthetic.  Application Partition, Cupboard, Office and Computer room, Furniture, any Dwelling place and Business Establishment.  Qualities Superb Glue shear strength Excellent Screw holding strength High Quality bonding, Extraordinary nail holding strength Eco Friendly Uniform Thickness Moisture Content 8 to 10%  

Standard Thickness (in mm) 

4mm, 6mm, 8/9 mm, 12mm, 15mm/16mm, 18/19 mm  

Standard Sizes (in cm) 

244 x 122 214 x 122 184 x 122 184 x 77 154 x 092 

244 x 092 214 x 092 184 x 092 154 x 092 


Kohinoor BWR Grade Plywood the bonding is done with Phenol formaldehyde synthetic resin as per ISO by hydraulic hot pressing  at high pressure ensuring strong and durable ply ready for any exterior use. Manufactured with veneers of uniform thickness of high density timber dried on automatic steam dried  plants, stress relieved, treated with chemicals in squeezing to make the ply resistant to termites and wood boring insects. 

Kohinoor BWR plywood is ideal for the use in all exterior result of uniform thickness high quality core and surface veneer uses in homes, kitchens, wall paneling, offices, shops and In Construction business for walls, columns, slabs, beams, etc. 


Kohinoor Block Board are made from carefully selected Alnus Nepalnsis (Uttis) found in the sub tropical highlands of the Himalaya. A popular wood which is seasoned under controlled parameters of temperature and humidity to get uniform moisture required.  

Selected imported wood veneer (core and face) on it gives the board mechanical strength and high screw holding capacity. Block Boards are pressed under high temperature & are bonded with Superior grade resin, resulting in a product with high dimensional stability and excellent insulating properties. Kohinoor boards are weather proof and do not twist under wood working condition. Kohinoor Block Board is subject to toxic chemical treatment to provide protection against insects. borers, termites, fungus and white ants attack.  

Interior Grade (lcom) 

Block Boards are bonded with superior grade melamine urea formaldehyde resin which gives our boards enough strength to resist warm water upto 8 hrs.  

Exterior Grade (Xcom) 

Block Boards are bonded with superior grade phenol formaldehyde resin which makes our product 108 hrs. boiling water proof at 100C in place of conventional 72 hrs.  


Cupboards, Shelves, Computer Table, Office and Room Furniture.  

Standard Thickness (in mm) 

16mm, 19mm, 25mm, 30mm  

Standard Sizes  (in cm) 

244 X 122 214 X 122 184X 122 154X122  

244 X 092 214 X 092 184 X092 154X092 


Kohinoor Flush Doors are of guaranteed quality, structurally strong and dimensionally stable for both internal and external uses. Excellent quality Flush Door are manufactured from selected timber and doors are framed in seasoned imported pine wood and pressed at high pressure with phenol formaldehyde. 

Kohinoor Flush Doors act as insulation against heat and sound.  


It is boiling water proof and powder proof. 

It is economical in comparison to other form of door.  

Test Result 

General Flatness < 4mm Local 

Planeness < 0.3mm 

Impact Indention < 0.2mm 

Shock Resistance test Can with stand 15 impacts 

Slamming Test 150 impact without damage 

Misuse Test Excellent 

Varying Humidity test Max departure from planeness -<0.6mm 

Knife Test Excellent 

Glue Adhesion Test Excellent  

Standard Thickness  

25mm. 30mm. 32mm, 35mm 


Weather you are constructing or designing your office, home or commercial space, Kohinoor Plywood Industries being one of the forerunners in the business of plywood is certain to have products that suit your needs and requirements. Our main goal being customer satisfaction, we strive to provide products that exceed customer expectations. Our products include Plywood, Ply boards, Readymade PVC doors and many more, all waterproof and commercially available. For customers inside the valley, contact 9805322681, 014015686. Customers from outside the valley are requested to contact 9852025439, 021420173.

We are delighted to introduce our new product, PVC/membrane doors of best quality in various designs and colors according to your preference. 7 years warranty also provided.





Kohinoor manufacturers a superior film faced densified shuttering plate (FFDSP) capable of a high level of performance for varied uses in the construction industry like building bridges, tunnels, heavy industries power plant, defense structures and other concrete structures.  

It is manufactured from selected veneers peeled from hardwood plantation and treated with specially manufactured phenolic resin for longer durability and better performance. The surface of Shuttering Plywood is over laid with 180 GSM Phenol Impregnated Film. The sides are resealed by acrylic paint to preserve moisture absorption and swelling. The entire process of manufacturing veneers, resins, film and densified plates is completed in-house using modern and well-equipped plant. Shuttering Plywood can be supplied in sizes upto 8’ x 4’. 


Kohinoor FFDSP has 30% more layers of veneers resulting in superior nailing, screw holding properties and load bearing capacity. The product has         300% more retention of resin then ISI grade shuttering and is therefore a better product than ISI grade plywood. Using Kohinoor Shuttering Plywood results in substantial cost saving since it can be used up to 40 times for shuttering applications. 


~ In Construction business for walls, columns, slabs, beam, etc. 

~ In chemical factories for packing. 

~ Truck body manufacturing.