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Kohinoor Plywood Industries Pvt. Ltd. is one of Nepal’s leading manufacturers in plywood based products. With dealers situated around the country, we offer national distribution throughout Nepal. We provide A-grade plywood and other quality building materials to furniture manufacturers, hydropower companies, construction companies and interior designers for various projects, large and small. Our products are manufactured in compliance of all essential and additional technical standards, being the first plywood industry in Nepal to boast an NS (Nepali Standard) certification which provides an assurance of quality control and uniformity to our customers. Which is exactly why architects and interior designers also strongly recommend our products as a robust and reliable base to lay the foundation for the realization of your ideas and aspirations. Our team have accumulated years of experience and expertise in building and construction, enabling us to act as able advisors to bring your vision of an ideal home to life. Our premium wood is used to create high quality cabinetry, fine furniture, architectural support for floors, walls and roofs in buildings. Quality and sustainability is the foundation of our business ideology and we pride ourselves for always striving to achieve customer satisfaction and long lasting business relationships.

Our Mission
Our objective is to build a brand which creates employment and opportunities for economic development within our own nation. We manufacture a domestic product with an abundant and sustainable raw material with a vision to expand business in the nation as a whole. We aspire to be entirely self reliant and tap into the unemployed resources within our own borders with sustainability being the major focus. We aim to provide a sound and durable product in accordance to national and international standards and have acquired various certifications of quality regulation to assure customers that they receive a consistent product every time, and to promote a similar shift in the business environment of our nation as a whole.