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Kohinoor Flush Doors are of guaranteed quality, structurally strong and dimensionally stable for both internal and external uses. Excellent quality Flush Door are manufactured from selected timber and doors are framed in seasoned imported pine wood and pressed at high pressure with phenol formaldehyde. 

Kohinoor Flush Doors act as insulation against heat and sound.  


It is boiling water proof and powder proof. 

It is economical in comparison to other form of door.  

Test Result 
General Flatness < 4mm Local 
Planeness < 0.3mm 
Impact Indention < 0.2mm 
Shock Resistance test Can with stand 15 impacts 
Slamming Test 150 impact without damage 
Misuse Test Excellent 
Varying Humidity test Max departure from planeness -<0.6mm
Knife Test Excellent 
Glue Adhesion Test Excellent  

Standard Thickness  
25mm. 30mm. 32mm, 35mm